Along the Indo-Myanmar Border

Changlang District

A bamboo hanging bridge in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh…



This Changlang district is a gift of nature with unspoilt and virgin beauty. The district enjoys strategic importance being part of the Indian Corridor of SE Asia, Myanmar, China and Far-East. The WW-II famous Pangsau Pass and Stilwell Road passing through it are in this district.

The larger parts of this south-eastern district of AP are rugged and mountainous covered by evergreen thick forest of the Great Patkai Mountain range. The picture of the bamboo hanging bridge was taken on our way from Manmao to Borsatum village(a 30 km trek) over river Namchik. The Borsatum village(inhabited by Mossangs, a sub-tribe of Tangsa) is located near Indo-Myanmar border. The trek is very demanding and we had to pass a three km stretch through a thick bamboo forest very carefully and bending most of the time. However, the crystal clear streams on our way and the abundant beauty of an evergreen forest wiped out all other aspects. The area is inhabited by Tangsa tribe – a colourful tribe of the district.


A nature lover, an ardent traveler who loves to discover off-beat locations, adventure seeker, trekker and photographer. A great cricket fan and a match official in India.

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